Mutation Nation – NeoGeo X Games

Can You Stop The Mutation Invasion?

Mutation Nation, developed in 1991 and released in 1992 in English, was developed by SNK for the Neo Geo Arcade and Home System. Mutation Nation is a beat ’em up arcade game and a much loved classic!

mutation-nation-screen-2  mutation-nation-scree-1

Mutation Nation comes as part of the games package for the NeoGeo X Limited Edition

In the year of 2050, a mad scientist was shut down by his superiors after conducting bizarre biological experiments. However soon after, his lab exploded and the scientist himself mysteriously disappeared. Now several years later there are new buildings on top of the forgotten slum where the experiments took place and suddenly a genetic virus has started to spread among the tenants turning them into vicious mutants.

Two young fighters of the local city, Ricky Jones and Johnny Hart, return to town after having been away for a long time and upon seeing the chaos that’s happening, they take it upon themselves to clean the town up before the mutants spread across the nation. Along the way they come across not just the mutants but also mechanically modified foes that the mad scientist has created to stop them.

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