Nefarious: A Game Where You Play The Villain?!

I’m an avid lover of reinventing the wheel when it comes to gaming. Take a trope and turn it’s own it’s own head. From subtle changes like when you played as Alucard in Symphony of the Night instead of a Belmont, or being able to play as Knuckles instead of Sonic. It’s great to see the once established dynamic of a video game takes a massive turn in a different direction and get it right.

That’s why a game like Nefarious tickles my fancy so much. What’s Nefarious? It’s a 2D Sidescroller where you play as the Boss. Yup, you are the bad guy and you are tasked with kidnapping a princess and defeating a would-be hero who comes to rescue the little lady you’ve kidnapped.  It’s a fantastic spin on the usual ‘Hero rescues the Damsel’ trope that is popular in so many games from the old school era. The best part as well is that the game looks like a damn blast to play.

Oh how fun it is to be... evil!

Oh how fun it is to be… evil!

Gameplay wise, you can pick which Heroine you’d like to kidnap in a Megaman like fashion. Because you’ll get different abilities when you grab a particular princess. If you kidnap the one with wings, then you’ll be able to jump higher! Grab the Fire Princess? Then you’ll have explosive ammo.

Our main character has a neat little Grenade Launcher glove that he can launch a plethora of Grenade types. Sticky, bouncy, and standard explosive ones. But combine that with the innovate gameplay bits I mentioned before such as flight or flame. Then combine it with things like Grenade jumps and more? Oh yeah, you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Don’t worry about waiting to pick this game up either – It’s launched today on Steam! You can play it now! Click here to check out the game!

If you have the spare coins in your account – Give Nefarious a go.


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