Neo Legend Arcade Cabinets Now Available at Funstock

Ever dreamed of owning your own arcade machine? Well now you can as FunstockRetro, Europe’s leading destination for retro games, are now allowing customers to purchase two variations of arcade machines created by Neo Legend directly from their online store.

The cabinets themselves are known as the Neo Legend Compact Arcade Game Cabinet, which is priced at £1699, and the Neo Legend Cocktail Arcade Game Cabinet, which is priced at £1499; both of which will replicate the experience of playing games at the arcade without having to actually go to them.

Neo Legend Compact Arcade Game Cabinet:

The Neo Legend Compact Arcade Game Cabinet is a smaller, compact version of the traditional Arcade Cabinet that was widely available across the globe; except this time machine has been designed for use in private homes rather than the local arcade. The Compact Arcade Game Cabinet features 500 games built into machine including popular titles such as Street Fighter, X-Men, King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles, and allows two players to use the cabinet for that authentic local multiplayer experience.

Neo Legend Cocktail Arcade Game Cabinet:

Unlike the Compact Arcade Cabinet this ‘Cocktail’ variation is much larger in size and operates as a table as well as an arcade machine. The design itself replicates the machines found within Cafe’s, Bars and Restaurants several years ago where people could sit down and have a drink at the table as well as play their favourite arcade games, such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. The principle remains in this Neo Legends variation of the cabinet and with over sixty games built-in, and the option for two players, the conversation with your friends will turn into which game to play first rather than the events of the day.

The Neo Legends Compact Arcade Cabinet and the Neo Legends Cocktail Arcade Cabinet are now available to order at and; you can also save 5% on your order by using the code ‘NEWS5’. Both cabinets come with warranty and free delivery.