NeoGeo X + MEGA Pack + History of Gaming Poster = Deal of the Week

NeoGeo X + MEGA Pack + History of Gaming Poster = £150 (saving £84.99!)

The NeoGeo X and Neo Geo X MEGA pack are the perfect partners for any NeoGeo fan. This package gives you a whopping 36 original NeoGeo games in a handheld system with the ability to connect to your TV and play using an original NeoGeo AES style controller.

NeoGeo X - Gold Limited Edition with Neo Geo X MEGA Pack

This package originally cost £234.99 and we recently reduced this to £199.99. We are now going one further as part of our amazing ‘Deal of the Week’ promotion and offering this entire package AND a free ‘History of Gaming’ poster (something we are being contacted daily about receiving) for the price of just £150!

That’s right. NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition system + Neo Geo X MEGA pack + History of Gaming poster = £150


The ‘famous’ History of Retro Gaming poster:
history of retro gaming poster funstock

Included NeoGeo games in this HUGE package:

  1. 3 Count Bout
  2. League Bowling
  3. Art Of Fighting
  4. Magician Lord
  5. Alpha Mission II
  6. Metal Slug
  7. Baseball Stars II
  8. Mutation Nation
  9. Cyber Lip
  10. NAM 1975
  11. Fatal Fury
  12. Puzzled
  13. Fatal Fury Special
  14. Real Bout – Fatal Fury Special
  15. The King Of Fighters ’95
  16. Samurai Shodown II
  17. King of the Monsters
  18. Super Sidekicks Soccer
  19. Last Resort
  20. World Heroes Perfect
  21. Metal Slug 2
  22. Sengoku
  23. Top Hunter
  24. Samurai Showdown 3
  25. Savage Rain
  26. Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory
  27. The King of Fighters 96
  28. Blazing Star
  29. Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle
  30. Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
  31. Shock Troopers
  32. World Heroes 2 Jet
  33. The Last Blade
  34. Blues Journey
  35. Art of Fighting 3: The Path of The Warrior
  36. Ninja Masters

Watch the original NeoGeo X trailer below: