Pre-Order NeoGeo X Games Now – 15 Classic Neo Geo Games

15 NeoGeo X Games available for Pre-Order (includes System Update and More!)

Scheduled for release in April, 
NEOGEO X Classics: Volumes I-V will be the first in a series of NEOGEO X Classics Games Cards made exclusively for use with the NEOGEO X Handheld entertainment system.



Full listing of titles for NEOGEO X Classics: Volume I-V:

In addition to these amazing classic NEOGEO AES games, you also get the “ROCKET”  Charging Travel Cable, at no additional cost, with each copy of NEOGEO X Classics: Volumes I-V.

As part of Tommo’s continued support and development of the NEOGEO X and having, most importantly, listened to customer feedback, Tommo will also be including NEOGEO X System Update 1.0 with NEOGEO X Classics: Volume I-V. More details on the NEOGEO X System Update 1.0 will be released in the weeks to come

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