NeoGeo X Still In Production – More Games and Updates On Their Way

Despite recent “rumours”, the NeoGeo X IS still in production AND there’s more games and updates coming!

For those of you who haven’t got yours yet:

You can still pre-order the NeoGeo X here:

We are expecting a batch of stock next week – the only way to guarantee you get one is to pre-order (as almost all of this stock is now allocated). We had a lot of emails when the console first launched from people who “waited until it was out” and ended up not getting one at all. If you have any questions, please visit our support center here:

For those of you who have got yours:

It is now certain that there will be more games and updates for the NeoGeo X!

In an official statement from manufacturers Tommo quoted:

There has been a recent rumor about the end of the production of the NEOGEO X System. This rumor is incorrect. Tommo will be continuing to support the NEOGEO X format going forward with more games, peripherals and software updates, as well as more units of the console hardware. The NEOGEO X Gold System Limited Edition Collection Series that includes Ninja Masters, was always planned to be a limited edition product. We are currently manufacturing our final run of this Limited Edition Collection Series and our distributors worldwide expect to have the final stock in April. Given the popularity of the NEOGEO X format, we don’t expect this stock to last long.

We are absolutely delighted with how the NEOGEO X has performed so far, and are incredibly grateful for the support of gamers and we are looking forward to continuing the development of this game platform.

Overall, a great day all around for everybody – if you haven’t got one yet, now’s your chance and if you have, expect more games and updates soon!


Pre-order the NeoGeo X here:

  • Great news!!! Can’t wait for the Game Cards and further information.

  • As soon as we have some more information, we will post it. We’re just as excited as you guys!

  • Fantastic!
    I am looking forward for the new games to come! 😀

  • is it false distributors worldwide expect to have final stock of the Neo Geo X in April 2013 ?

    • April will be the last of the “Limited Edition” consoles. However, after that there will be more games, software, hardware, peripherals and updates. So, there’s nothing to worry about, unless you really want the Limited Edition package, then I would definitely be Pre-ordering ASAP.

      • i’ve already got my Neo Geo X i’m concerned (worried) if it broke-down i won’t be able to get a replacement after April 2013

        • There’s nothing to worry about. Replacements will be available after April. As the article clearly states, there will still be hardware available – it will just not be in the “Limited Edition” package.

          • Yan d man

            So just to clarify i will be able to buy a system with dock and joystick in the future it just wont include Ninja masters? Is this correct as i don’t have the cash right now but if i’m going to buy one i want it with the dock not just the handheld.

  • Guest

    if Tommo is continuing to support the Neo Geo X with more games, peripherals, and software updates as well as more units of the hardware why are distributors expecting to have final stock in April 2013 ?