Never Before Seen Virtua Fighter Characters Have Been Discovered!

Virtua Fighter is a hallmark fighter, overshadowed by the likes of Tekken, Street Fighter, and even Guilty Gear. Which is honestly a shame as it was one of the fighters that set the tone for the 3D gaming landscape of Fighting Games. People often consider the door closed on the game in it’s current stage however. Everything that could be found has been found, right?


A hacker named Jed Hudson has made a pretty amazing discovery of a number of unused characters hidden in the data of Virtua Fighter! To think that such data would be hidden so long after the release is just insane!

There are some very interesting aspects with these character bits that have been discovered so far. Simply because you can find that it’s not just brand new characters, but an earlier version of the staple character Akira in a much different style than you might expect. Looking less like the classic Japanese fighter we all know, to a more Tekken style of character than anything.

Check out the video for a full breakdown of the characters included!


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