New Atari Lynx Game Completed!

So we’ve been covering Atari quite a bit in this year, from the fantastic Art of Atari book to the Ejagfest the European Convention based around the Atari Jaguar and all things Atari. You’ve found a great deal of Atari merchandise coming in all shapes and form which is so awesome to see, so to say Atari is back is more true now than ever. It’s pretty great to see if I’m honest, as Atari seems to be falling to the wayside in peoples memories.

More people of this generation only know Atari due to the Dragon Ball games they’ve been playing with their friends, rather than half of the stuff they’ve done for the games industry. You can check out the Art of Atari book here, and read about Ejagfest here

Speaking of Ejagfest, they had an unveiling of a brand New Atari Lynx Game at the event and it is nothing short of amazing!

The game is fast paced and requires a good degree of concentration.

The game is fast paced and requires a good degree of concentration.

Weltenschlachter is the game in question. Don’t worry, we don’t know how to pronounce it either. That’s not important however, what is important is just how awesome the game looks! It’s a new shooter and is quite close to Yar’s Revenge and other fantastic side scrollers of yesteryear. It’ll keep you playing over and over, as the game encourages multiple playthroughs as you’ll find yourself dying quite a bit. But it feels solid to enjoy every moment and come back ten times stronger!

It’s a bit unimpressive in terms of the graphics, not that the Atari Lynx was known for it’s mind blowing graphics. But the lack of mind blowing pixels did not leave the crowd at Ejagfest any more unimpressed, in fact they were begging for the game to get a physical release for the Lynx. The video shown below seems to indicate that we’ll be getting just that thankfully.

Get ready Lynx owners, a new game will be coming soon and it looks to be nothing short of awesome!


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