New Daily Series! We Need Your Help To Make It Happen!

Hey there everyone!

We’re starting a new series and wanted to get YOU involved. That is right. We need your help to get things started properly for this new series.

The premise for the series is as follows. I will take YOUR suggestions on a simple game that I can play on my GPD XD as I commute to our office in the morning and break down my thoughts on the game after just an hour with it. I’ll decide on if I’d pick it up again and complete it, or if I’d leave it to the wayside.

Simple right? Yup! It’s a small dose of fun that lets you all suggest some of your favourites to me and I’ll let you know what you think.

To clarify – Suggested games must be…

– Able to be understood within an hour of play. So any lengthy RPG adventures are not recommended, but also not off the table. 
– Playable on the GPD XD. No PS4 games or Virtua Boy titles.
– Are not SUPER inappropriate. There are a few games out there I can’t write about in a serious capacity or possibly even play on the Train/Bus! Use your brain everyone!

Beyond that. It is fair game! Want me to try a train wreck like Superman 64? Go for it. Amiga classic? Let’s go! If you love it, I’m willing to give it a shot!

I’ll be starting tomorrow off with the game our General Manager Andy Pearson has given me – The SNES classic Zombies Ate My Neighbours! Stay Tuned for more and make sure to suggest a game for me to give a shot!

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