Brand New Double Dragon Game Released For PS4 And PC!

A New Double Dragon Game?! Talk about the silent release of the year! Granted we are only a month into 2017, but still. I’d be surprised if anything topped this recent release! Ladies and gentlemen, Double Dragon IV has been released!

Double Dragon has made a return to the gaming landscape on the Playstation 4 and PC! Arc System Works got the rights back in 2015 and have been steadily working on a new title with some of the original developers of the Double Dragon series to make a new entry into the series but maintain that classic Double Dragon feel.

On the star filled development team, you have the likes of Yoshihisa Kishimoto the man who created the series. As well as the original arcade composer Kazunaka Yamane! They are returning to bring life back to the series by returning after the elimination of the Shadow Warriors from Double Dragon II. Which is the best place to start from really, instead of trying to create a more cohesive narrative from the later releases which would have been an absolute nightmare!

The best part is that you aren’t being treated to the same old adventure with nothing new, or a new adventure that does too much. It’s another adventure for Billy and Jimmy Lee with the same Retro style, but with some added extras that don’t change things up too much! From playable enemy characters, a survival Tower mode, and a one on one versus mode which is akin to the ending of the first game.

Double Dragon IV is on PS4 and Steam for about 6 pounds across the board! If you grew up with the classic Double Dragon experience, check this game out! It looks to be an absolute blast.


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