New Friday The 13th Game Release NES Jason Skin

Killing In Classic Style

Horror and Retro Gaming Fans are in for a real treat. Modern games including neat little references to their history is always a welcome feature, and the latest Friday The 13th game is being enjoyed by a selective group of fans. There is some serious fan service going on in the game, from characters from all of the films being featured and playing to outfits designed by custom artists and based on the previous movies.

One area the developers have neglected is the other mediums that Jason has appeared in, such as video games. While no Splatterhouse, the Friday The 13th games still have their place! And a lot of us remember the murder frenzy that was the NES game. If you remember that game, then you’ll know we got a version of Jason using an interesting purple and blue colour scheme. He was iconic back in the day, if not a little bit silly looking now.

Well, the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game have released a new skin. They’re calling it ‘Jason, Part 3’ and it’s out now! It’s on all platforms and 100% free. So if you’ve been enjoying the game recently, and you still love to show off your Retro love, then make sure to equip this skin in the next game! Check out a neat little music video from the developers showing of the new skin in all of it’s full bloody glory.

Do you remember playing the classic NES Friday The 13th game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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