New World Record Speedrun Set For Super Mario Bros!

Speedruns are fun to watch. The insane twitch movements and memory needed to properly tackle a game that developers intended to be completed after hours of gameplay is not just something someone can learn overnight. There is an crazy of practice needed to get on the level of ‘World Record’ holder. So when such a feat is achieved, it’s no small moment. It’s a moment is history.

People have done speedruns on multiple games, from Sonic The Hedgehog to Legend of Zelda, one game in particular that has been a popular title for people to attempt the quickest times on is Super Mario Bros for the NES. It seems like everyone in the speedrunning community enjoys tackling it. Just recently a new world record was set for Super Mario Bros, and it’s amazing, the reaction of the player and chat watching is just fun as all heck, and you can watch it all below!

Speedrunner Darbian is known for his talents in speedrunning various Mario titles, doing Star runs on Mario 64 and of course, Super Mario Bros for the NES. What is the most unique about Darbian’s run is that he’s completed this time on an original NES. There is no computer wizardy here or save states, this is pure twitch based skill and hours of practice dedicated to this age old classic game. He’s managed to break the previous world record, an insane time of 4:57.194,  which was previously held by fellow Speedrunner Kosmicd12.

As you can see in the video above, the hype generated by everyone watching the video is unreal. It’s slow at first, banter as you would expect, and slowly… Darbian gets closer to the record time, and things start to go absolutely mental. We cannot recommend watching the video enough, as there is a great layer of happiness that comes from sharing in this incredible moment, even if it is via the video. Records are made and broken all of the time, but they always special to see when they happen.

What’s in store for this record? Who knows. There will be plenty of dedicated players out there who want to tackle it, of course. But for now, Darbian can hold his head up high and take pride in his accomplishment, as it’s quite impressive and was a true joy to watch.


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