Night Trap Release Date Announced

Campy fun is coming soon

Remember back when it was announced that Night Trap is coming to modern platforms? Developer Screaming Villains have announced a release date for the project at long last! As a bunch of people on Social Media have been clamouring for a release date. It’s sooner than you might think!

What is the date exactly? Cheesy horror fans can expect to play Night Trap on August 15th 2017. A PS4 version will be released on the 11th of August, but this date is for the physical version.

Infamously cheesy Sega CD FMV horror game Night Trap is coming back in style with its recently revealed 25th Anniversary Edition launching in a mere couple of weeks on PS4 and PC. These physical copies will be limited and rather hard to find, so be quick in grabbing them!

A Collectors Edition will also be released too, featuring a neat little cassette tape that has the theme song to the game, a box that recreated the Sega CD box that it originally launched in, and 4-inch patch of the Special Control Attack Team. These are even more limited, with only 3K copies for launch.

Check out the announce trailer down below!


Sporting a plethora of new features, Night Trap looks to be the perfect little Retro gift for fans of the game. Will you be getting a copy this year?

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