Night Trap To Have A Limited PS4 and Xbox One Release!

Remember Night Trap? That game that pretty much changed how Video Games were regulated in the United States of America? It’s getting a PS4 and Xbox One release.


For many of us not in the states, Night Trap was just a game that came out and went. But for the US it was a whole different story. It played a pivotal part in the creation of the ESRB, as the game outraged parents all over America with its campy depiction of horror themed full motion gaming.

It’s developed quite a cult following during the time since release. But this next gen release has come out of left field, as there was a Kickstarter attempt to get the rerelease funded a few years back. Once that failed, many assumed that the idea would never see the light of day.

In comes Limited Run games to prove everyone wrong and announce the release for a whole new age!

Night Trap is not a stranger to being ported to other systems, after the controversy it had in the states. Night Trap was wanted by people all over the world, so rightfully the game was milked for whatever it was worth.

It’s the Troll 2 of gaming for many, obviously campy and silly. But a piece of history! Why would you not want to own this silly little title, the companies think to themselves. Hence this latest release. Regardless, there is a lot of people who still love the game today. Heck, we have to admit there is a definite level of charm that is hard to deny with Night Trap.

Not convinced? Check out the trailer for the game down below.

Night Trap is due to release Spring 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One! Are you excited for it? Let us know your thoughts!

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