Nintendo Classic Mini Has Been Discontinued In Europe!

Nintendo Classic Mini Discontinued? Say it ain’t so!

Well, it’s true sadly! A slew of discontinued notices has been announced for North America and Japan. Europe has followed the same path and the days of the Nintendo Classic Mini are now done!


A Nintendo Spokesperson had the following to say regarding the manufacturing of future Nintendo Classic Mini units here in Europe.

We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.

This news means that the product is now discontinued worldwide. Which is disappointing as many people have been waiting for further stock to arrive in stores so they don’t have to be held at the mercy of those notorious scalpers that have been buying units in bulk to resell at a higher price.

It’s jarring as the Nintendo Classic Mini saw a very successful Christmas launch last year and pretty much sold out instantly. Nintendo was poised to take the world by storm with a nostalgia-filled retail dream for the world to buy in mass. But it looks like they are happy with what they’ve done so far and don’t want to put more effort into making further units.

It’s sad to see it go with such a lack of a fight. But that is the nature of production and big business, sometimes it’s just about getting the right numbers.

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Will you miss the Nintendo Classic Mini? What are your thoughts on the loss of the console?

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