Nintendo Colour-TV 6 Unboxed in Pictures

Everyone seems to think that the Nintendo Famicom, otherwise known to us as the Nintendo Entertainment System, was the first Nintendo related console to be released onto the market and as the Before Mario book, which can be purchased from Funstock Retro, illustrates that wasn’t the case.

One of the first consoles released by Nintendo was in-fact the Nintendo Colour-TV 6; a small console created in partnership with Mitsubishi Electronics that was released exclusively within Japan during 1977. Unlike the Nintendo Famicom, which would not be released for another six years, this Colour TV-6 only featured a single game; in this instance six variations of Table Tennis, and required 6 C Batteries in order to be used.

The Colour-TV 6 was considered an exceptionally rare console; not only because a limited number was made but because it was never released outside of Japan. Fortunately for us however one reddit user has managed to track down a boxed unit of the console and has opted to share some pictures of it being unboxed.

Nintendo Colour-TV 6:

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