Nintendo Consoles created out of LEGO

LEGO has been a popular pass-time for both adults and children alike but over the past few years numerous pictures have been appearing online of fans managing to build replica’s of popular Nintendo consoles.

In short there are many amazing Nintendo replica’s being made out of LEGO; but specifically flicker user LEGO27bricks has managed to create life-like, and life-sized, LEGO replica’s of old Nintendo hardware – which is what we will be taking a look at today!


This particular NES is a 1:1 scale replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System console and it’s controller. Unlike most LEGO creations this console has been designed to accept NES Cartridges in it’s front-loading slot.


The SNES Console is easily one of the better LEGO Creations on this list and it’s all down to the consoles functionality. For starters not only can this LEGO replica have SNES cartridges slotted in but they can also be ejected by using the eject button. That’s not all; as by plugging the unit into a plug stocked. An LED Light appears to give the impression that the console is switched on.


The first portable LEGO creation is non-other than the Nintendo Gameboy and it’s just as impressive as the SNES LEGO Replica. For starters not only can this LEGO Gameboy accept real Gameboy Cartridges but by removing the battery compartment you’ll find LEGO pieces pretending to be batteries. In short the attention to detail is amazing.

Gameboy Colour:

The GameBoy Colour is a smaller variation of the GameBoy but with the functionality of a colour screen; in this LEGO variation however its just a smaller unit in a slightly different colour. Disappointingly some attention to detail, such as battery compartment, have been removed but its still an impressive LEGO build.

Gameboy Advance:

The GameBoy Advance was the next handheld to be released Nintendo and here is it’s LEGO counterpart. It’s another impressive build but unfortunately it does offer that realism or detail that the other LEGO creations offered.

Nintendo 3DS:

The final LEGO creation in this list is the ‘original’ Nintendo 3DS model and it looks exactly as you would imagine to it; unfortunately there is no cartridge slot, or removable stylus, but the design concept and the way it folds all remain intact.


This list is only a sample of some of the LEGO Creations this user has made; as he has also put together LEGO Variations of the Atari 2600 and NeoGeo console; both of which look exactly the same as their real-life counterparts. My favourites in this list are the SNES and the original GameBoy, due to their additional functionality, but in general everything is amazing and must have taken a long-time to build.

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