Nintendo Have Released Classic NES Manuals Online!

The Nintendo Classic Mini is one of the coolest things that Nintendo has ever done! This has been well documented from the various reviews and coverage around how amazing the emulation of the unit is and it’s impressive options when it comes to visuals such as a classic CRTV mode or ‘Pixel Perfect’ mode.

Even our very own coverage around what is running under the hood of the Nintendo Classic Mini to which you can read about by clicking here. If you’re interested in the console, make sure to click this link to be the first to know when we get stock!

Well, Nintendo have done it again just in time to line up with the console and it’s upcoming release! What have they done to show how much they appreciate the lovers of the Nintendo Classic Mini? They’ve released all of the original manuals for each game included on the system and all online for everyone to read!

Now the best part is that these are the proper original manuals, it’s not supped around and digital remastered or anything. It’s the proper original manuals as you would of read them back in the day, and it’s a joy to see really. Nintendo is using these games and their reference materials as proper pieces of history! It’s a really refreshing thing to see and shows just how much love and care they put into all of their projects.

“Any original instruction manuals included with this software are digital reproductions of the original printed manuals. They are as faithful as possible to those documents and feature a bare minimum of edits. Reference may be made to features that can’t be used in this version of the game, or the contact information may no longer be valid. Some copyright information may be out-of-date. Please also note that printed manuals were not always released in multiple languages.” – This advisement at the last page of each manual really shows the dedication that Nintendo is putting into this project.

These manuals are pretty silly now a days, from the cute art and adorable layouts, the age shows in spades. But that’s half the fun of reading through them. To see the monsters in Castlevania referred to as ‘Dracula’s Buddies’ is just too much!

If you’d like to read any of the manuals, you can do so by clicking here!


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