Nintendo Partners with VAN’s for Nintendo Themed Shoes

Several years ago ANIPPON announced that they had partnered with SEGA to release a selection of shoes based upon popular SEGA consoles within Japan, something which we have previously reported on; well over the past few days Nintendo have announced that they have partnered with VAN’s in order to release a new range of shoes, or sneakers if you prefer, that are inspired by popular Nintendo brands such as Super Mario Bros and the NES Console.

The result of this partnership is that VAN’s will be releasing eight different types of shoes; each of which will be inspired by a popular nintendo franchise or console with designs including Super Mario, Peach, the Duck from Duck Hunt and 8-Bit console designs inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

There’s currently no plans for these shoes to be available within the UK or Europe; but they will be available in America at some point in the near future.

You can see the designs for yourself in the gallery below:

Unfortunately we currently have no plans to stock these shoes, we just think they look amazing; but you can register your interest for them as part of our mailing list.

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