Nintendo Playstation SNES-CD Prototype Console Shown in Photos

Before Sony released the Playstation the Entertainment giant reportedly teamed-up with Nintendo to produce a CD Based variation of the Super Nintendo console; otherwise known as the Nintendo Playstation SNES-CD, the Sony SNES-CD or the Playstation SNES-CD.

Interestingly enough the unit, which would see SNES Cartridges and new ‘CD based Nintendo games’ compatible with the hardware, was never mass produced or released for general sale and many assumed it to be just a rumour. However over the past few months someone managed to obtained an actual prototype version of the SNES-CD product; and better yet it works.

The console itself still remains a mystery; but as explained in an article on the chinese website the console can play both Super Nintendo cartridges and newer CD based nintendo / sony games. The system also used a BIOS system, similar to most computers and consoles at the time, however due to the disc being faulty, or a hardware failure, this intresting side of the console is currently unusable and yet to be explored.

For the time being at least we can marvel at a selection of photographs which see the Sony SNES-CD Console in all its glory.

General Photos:

Photos from HKGolden:

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