Nintendo’s First Mobile Game is Known as Miitomo

Nintendo of Japan have announced that their first mobile game will be Miitomo; a free-to-play game that will see your Mii character interact with others on your mobile device.

The idea is that players will create their own Mii character and then answer a series of questions; afterwhich your created Mii character will be paired with other Mii’s that have similar interests to you. It’s an interesting concept and it’s an app thats been designed to see people who don’t like sharing information with other users engaging with those said users.

Miitomo will also use the new My Nintendo service, a service which has been designed to replace the now defunct Club Nintendo service, and while Miitomo does offer in-game transactions the entire game can be enjoyed without spending a single penny.

Miitomo is expected to be released alongside the My Nintendo service during March next year.

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