Ocarina of Time… Played Using a Sponge | Funstock.co.uk

You’ve probably seen crazy console mods before – someone guts a toaster to and transforms it into a NES, or what have you – but Tumblr user Peripheralpolymath┬áhas taken things one step further.


Using a standard N64, they appear to be booting Zelda classic Ocarina of Time from a sponge – replete with a fairly impressive imitation of the game’s logo in marker pen.


How this was done is anyone’s guess, although there are a few possibilities – the most obvious being for comedic effect, with the game images being loaded from another source and the sponge not functioning as a game at all. At the same time, provided the sponge is hard and measured to fit the N64 cartridge slot, it’s possible that the inside was just gutted and fitted with an OoT PCB – after all, the plastic shell of N64 carts are purely protective and cosmetic, with the actual game running from the board.


Let’s just hope the creator doesn’t forget about the precious insides of this contraption, using the sponge to do the washing up one evening.