One Dedicated Fan Is Making His Own Street Fighter Movie!

Street Fighter is the flagship fighting game series in the world. There are players from all over the world, tournaments held nearly every month in official areas to small gyms rented out for small local events! Movies, TV shows, Anime, all sorts of media and coverage over the classic series.

From practicing your quarter circle forwards for hours on end to reading about the surprisingly complex backstories to the characters from the fantastic Udon comic series. Street Fighter is truly a hallmark of the genre and a big staple in the Retro Gaming community!

So what else is there for the series? Well, another movie! Not by a major studio, rather by one guy!

Paul “Oatking” Johnson is an animator and artist working in London who has been working for years now, often recognized for his viral hit projects that he posts on his Youtube channel such as his Tie Fight anime special set in the Star Wars universe to a Doctor Who project which now seems scrapped.

He also did a fantastic piece on how ‘Fansubbing’ in Anime can terribly unprofessional and completely undermines the role of an actual translator working on the proper translation for a form of media. Not aware of what any of that meant? Check out the first part below and see if it strikes your fancy!

Paul has a rich history in the field of animation – A massive fan of the old school anime style from hits like Macross and seems to favour the old style of Japanese animation where they favourited frame heavy action sequences with detailed shading – Rather than the one tone and quick frame animation style today that Japan is quick to use.

One of the best examples of this classic style is the Street Fighter Movie – In which we saw some rather jaw-dropping and heavily detailed Animation! Obviously better than the live action fair that Jean Claude Van Damm starred in which was… well, the less we talk about the movie the better.

Paul seemed to enjoy it so much that he is now setting out to make his own movie based around Street Fighter. Yeah, you know. A whole movie made by just one man.

Ambitious and a bit insane to say the least! It’s a bit dubious considering some of his previous projects have fallen through. But the pure idea of someone just up and making their own movie because they can is pretty endearing. Paul, we don’t know if you can do it – But please know that we REALLY want you to do it.

If you like Paul and want to support his work – Click here to check out his Patreon pitch.

What are your thoughts? If you could make your own Video Game movie just because, what would you make?


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