Original Xbox Controller Is Making A Glorious Comeback!


The Original Xbox Controller is making a comeback everyone. To the younger readers, we don’t mean the 360 controllers. We’re talking about ‘The Duke’. Back when the Xbox first launched, this was the controller that we all used to enjoy our Xbox outings and for some, it was and still is one of their all-time favourite controllers.

The Original Xbox Controller is going to be released for the Xbox One and Windows 10 later this holiday season, thanks to the tireless efforts of Hyperkin. They previously worked with Microsoft thanks to their Retro controller called the X91, a controller with a Retro look and feel that could work on modern consoles. Meant to introduce the new generation to the joys of the older experience, and you can buy your own from our storefront by clicking here.

Hyperkin did a great job with the X91 controller, it’s good to see them getting more projects!

The success of the X91 obviously means that Microsoft was quite pleased with Hyperkin, so they’ve been contracted to produce another controller for the gaming giant. Hyperkin are saying that the controller will be, as quoted “ a faithful recreation of the original controller’s form factor.” Which is business speak for, it won’t be EXACTLY the same, but it’ll be pretty darn close, just sporting a few new additions such, as Hyperkin are putting it. “a logo display screen, left and right bumpers, and a 9 ft. detachable cable.”

The news is welcome thanks to Microsoft recently announcing that they’ll be introducing backwards compatibility with original Xbox games like they’ve been doing for the Xbox360 as of late. So that means you’ll be able to use your fancy new modern Xbox console and use the same controller the first one launched with, and play those very own original games like it’s 2002 all over again! It’s a nice little touch.

There is no solid release date just yet, but we can expect to hear more from Hyperkin soon. As for us? We’ve got a great relationship with Hyperkin, and you can bet this controller is on our radar. So keep your eyes on our storefront or sign up to our newsletter for the latest from us!

Original Xbox Controller Is Making A Glorious Comeback!
What about you? Are you excited to see the Original Xbox Controller make its return? Let us know in the comments!

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