Oubliette; A Fan-Made Amiga Game Released Online

Usually my articles are about retro products or prototypes being discovered; instead we have news that an entirely new Commodore Amiga game, known as Oubliette, is now available to download for your emulation device.

That’s right; thirty one years after the original Commodore Amiga was released games are still being developed for the platform and while this dungeon styled exploration game doesn’t run off a floppy disk it can be downloaded and played on a Commodore Amiga emulator thats designed to emulate amiga games.  Its an interesting piece of news and it’s an announcement that shows just how dedicated retro gamers can be; by turning their passion for gaming into a created hobby – which in retrospect is what the early generations of gaming were all about.

As demonstrated in the video below Oubliette is a randomised dungeon crawler for the Amiga that promises plenty of sword slashing, dodging, enemies and fireballs; but whats even more interesting is that the main character is non-other-than Link from The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Oubliette is currently available to download from Aminet.

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