Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 Updated on Mobile Devices

Last year Bandai Namco Entertainment released a mobile game that took inspiration of the 256th level of Pac-Man and saw the glitch from that said level being used in an endless runner styled variation of Pac-Man.

Well today, and to celebrate Pac-Man’s 36th Anniversary which takes place this year, the game has been updated with a selection of new content; including three brand new environments to explore, updated achievements and facebook support.

  • 3 new themes
    • Go Karts
    • Garden
  • In-game features
    • You can now choose the shuffle option to play with a different theme every time you play– the toughest part is choosing a theme!
    • Challenge yourself as 9 achievements have been added
  • Facebook features

The updated version of Pac-Man 256 is available to download for free for a variety of mobile and tablet devices including both iOS and Android.

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