Pac-Man, Galaga & Dig-Dug to Arrive on Steam Next Week

Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug and even Ms Pac-Man will be coming to steam, as well as PS4 and Xbox One, as part of a new Arcade Game Series collection by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Unlike the recently released Atari Vault, which saw 100 games packed into a single collection, this series of games will be sold individually through the Steam, PSN and XBL Stores with each game having their own leaderboards and achievement lists.

A run-down of each game, for those who aren’t familiar, can be found below:

  • PAC-MAN: The masterpiece PAC-MAN finally comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC! Move PAC-MAN to eat all the Pac-Dots, while avoiding the ghosts, to advance to the next stage. Eat a Power Pellet to turn the tables on the ghosts and rack up a huge score! Players will be pleased to play with the original stage 256 bug – perfect for PAC-MANiacs!
  • Ms. PAC-MAN: The basic rules are the same as PAC-MAN, but with an additional Warp Tunnel and animations with PAC-MAN and Ms.PAC-MAN between levels, and other features. Ms. PAC-MAN truly shines as its own game!
  • GALAGA: Move the fighter and destroy the waves of incoming aliens in this space-age shooter. Destroy all the enemies to advance to the next stage! Retrieve a captured fighter and combine into a Dual Fighter! Players will be able to switch between old and new versions – perfect for old school fans of the game.
  • DIG DUG: Dig up, down, left, and right and burrow through the earth. Inflate and pop enemies with your harpoon to defeat them, or squish them with a rock. Lure enemies into a tunnel and crush several at once for massive points. Defeat all the enemies on the screen to advance to the next stage! Devoted diggers can also choose between the old and new versions of the game.

Pricing has not yet been announced; but each game will be released on the 20th April 2016 with their ‘original’ gameplay elements intact; its also expected that some ‘remastered’ variation of the game(s) will be included.

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