Pac-Man Maker Trademark Filed By Bandai Namco!

The Maker craze is starting to sweep the world! So why not combine with a craze that once swept the world?


Yup. Bandi Namco know exactly what to do with their properties. Apart from making their more niche titles, such as God Eater for example. They still keeping a good amount of focus on the yellow dude that took the world by storm.

Much like Nintendo cashing in on the love we all have for their classic work, such as the recently announced SNES Mini, Bandai Namco are giving Pac-Man a bit of the limelight to catch the love that no doubt still exists for the dot mucher. That is the assumption anyway, as Bandai Namco have only filed the trademark so far.

It’s not a prank either. Searching the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s database does indeed confirm that they themselves have registered the trademark. So don’t worry, John in Essex isn’t playing a prank from his bedroom again or anything. For now, Bandai Namco seems to be serious with this one. It’s important to remember however that a trademark being registered does not always mean a game is a surefire reality.

There have been a number of things trademarked that have never seen the light of day. Not just video games, but the likes of merchandise to movies. It’s just par for the course in the business world.

Running from the title though, one would have to presume that the intention is to make Pac-Man Maker the next Mario Maker. Where Players would be able to design their own creative levels for Pac-Man to navigate through. The possibilities are endless in that you can do many crazy things with the design of Pac-Man. From the placement of ghosts, the bends in a level, and so much more. It’s a series that does lend itself to the ‘Maker’ style of games very well.

With E3 coming very soon. It’s possible that this is more a reality than we may think. But we never know. For now everything is speculation. But it’s pretty entertaining speculation, and hopefully it holds some form of fruit for us Retro Gamers to enjoy.

Would you play Pac-Man Maker? What would you want from it?