PAX West In US Getting Special SNES Mini ‘Nintendo Power’ Posters

Where is the stock though?

American Convention juggernaut PAX West will be getting a red carpet treatment from Nintendo. They are bringing their A-game as they’ll be showing off Metroid: Samus Returns on their Nintendo Minute video series which is going to be filmed at PAX West.

For this presentation of the latest Metroid outing, they’ll be giving away special collectors posters that have influence from now defunct Nintendo Power magazine, a cute tribute that tries to emulate what the covers would have looked like for the games if they were the front page features. The Starfox 2 one is especially cool looking.

Have a look at the three designs down below.

Pretty neat huh? If you are going to PAX West, make sure you check out the Nintendo area for a chance to get your hands on these posters before they go up on eBay!

Whenever we talk about the SNES Mini, people are quick to point out the lack of stock for the previous ‘Mini’ they did. The NES Mini. We fully understand the frustration with that situation, so if you never got your chance to get a NES Mini back last year, then consider picking up the Retron HD! An affordable option that isn’t being marked up by scalpers, a full hardware only unit with 0 emulations involved for only £49.99! Click here to buy one!

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