Play 4000+ MS-DOS games for free in your browser!

The technical wizards over at the Internet Archive are at it again. They have managed to create a page that lets you play 4000+ MS-DOS games for free in your browser! Yes, there is no charge involved here. No external downloads either! Everything is done right in your browser of choice, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, heck even Opera! (Who uses Opera still?) Whatever your browser of choice is, have look through the list of games offered and spend your time playing some awesome free games! 


You can play a number of popular titles, from DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D, Street Fighter II, Wolfenstien 3D, and even Pac-Man! If you are on your lunch break, or just have some free time, kick back and relax with these classics! Click here to check out the full list of games!

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