Play Expo: Manchester 2015 – The Interviews

As part of our presence at Play Expo in Manchester Andy Pearon, General Manager of Funstock, went around the event to talk to a few famous faces within the Retro and Current-Gen Gaming scenes, such as Jeff Minter and The Oliver Twins, and ask them questions about their favourite games and upcoming projects.


The Oliver Twins:

In this interview we see Andy talk to Oliver Twins, creators of the Dizzy videogame franchise, about their latest online project known as Sky Saga; a PC Game which sees players enter dungeons and take on other players in PvP Battles.

Micheal Heald from FullyIllustrated:

Over the course of the weekend many game developers were showcasing their upcoming projects and in this interview Andy manages to talk with Micheal Heald from FullyIllustrated about an upcoming game known as Wulver Blade.

James Brindle from RetroGamesParty:

In this interview Andy Pearson, General Manager of Funstock, manages to track down James Brindle from RetroGamesParty and asks him how he became involved with bringing a large amount of Arcades to Events across the country and what he enjoys most about these events.

Jeff Minter of From Bedrooms to Billions:

In this Interview Andy speaks to Jeff Minter, an independent British video game designer and programmer, and asks him about his favourite games and catch up one of his latest videogame projects; TxK.

Rich King Retro:

We catch up with Rich King Retro to find out his favourite games of all time and what he’s been up to over the course of the event.

A Conversation with RETR0JOE:

Andy sit’s down with @RETR0JOE, otherwise known as the The Gamiest Gamer, to find out more about the real RETR0JOE and his favourite games and how he first became involved with playing games on older devices.

Interview with Phil Bradley for Dark Souls III:

Dark Souls III had it’s UK Debut at Play Expo Manchester and so we went down and asked Phill Bradley what’s new in this third instalment of the franchise.


A Montage showing the best-bits of Play Expo Manchester and a closer look at the booth we had at the event.

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