Play The Legend Of Zelda On The ZX Spectrum

Bit of Zelda and Speccy

Now, before you say it the comments. Yes, it’s a fan developed project of a Nintendo property. More than like, the big N is getting ready to write up a nifty little cease and desist letter to the project. Unlike SEGA, who just hire the community to make some of the best games ever.

But this sort of ruthless targeting of fan developed projects does not stop the projects themselves from being some of the coolest things around. Case in point is a ZX Spectrum port of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic The Legend of Zelda. Yes, Zelda on the ZX Spectrum is being played around with thanks to one bloke just wanting to learn how to program a bit!

Dave Clarke has been working on this neat little project as his method of learning for a while now, and while it’s a bit of a strange method to go try and learn how to program for the Speccy, it’s a cool little method nonetheless!

Check out Dave and his work in the following video down below!

Would you like to play a fully fleshed out version of The Legend Of Zelda On The ZX Spectrum? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dave Clarke

    Thanks for the write up! I’m still working on this in between my own original game I’m developing when I get the time. It’s most certainly fun 🙂

    • Course Dave! Happy to support you! I’ve been following your work on the FB group and hope to see more 🙂