Play Tomb Raider In Your Browser!

Lara Croft is a gaming icon. Next, to Samus, people think of her as the next lady of gaming. Rightfully so – Her action adventure time on the Playstation introduced us to a whole new world of fun that put us in the boots of the kick butt femme fatale and her struggles with dinosaurs, tigers and more!

It was a moment that could only be experienced on the latest console hardware, which now is no longer the case with the likes of Steam and so forth. But one place we never expected to play Tomb Raider was in a browser.

That has changed, you can now play Tomb Raider in your Browser!

The project started with a different project called OpenTomb, and had fans from across the world attempting to recreate the first Tomb Raider. One modder by the name of XProger decided to go a different route, instead of remaking the first game, he decided to team up with some friends to make the first game playable in a browser. Sporting all of the same features that first one did, the project is called Open Lara and is coming along quite nicely already.

Before you go mental with this announcement, only a portion of the game is able to played for now. Not the whole game, it’s still a massive work in progress that won’t see complete for quite some time. But the offering so far is quite impressive. You can playthrough the second level of Tomb Raider, the City of Vilcabamba. With an option to load a few other levels added. You can currently enjoy a series of puzzles, enemies, and some swimming sections all from the comfort of your browser of choice.

Want to give the game a shot? Click here to play OpenLara. To learn more about the project and support it, click here.

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