Pokemon Developer release an early build of their newest game!

Game Freak is the developer of the Pokemon franchise. They also dabble in making other games from time to time, one example being the previous Steam game they relreased which was Tembo the Badass Elephant. (Fantastic game! Play it if you haven’t already!) Well, they are at it again with a new 2D puzzle platformer game! It’s a bit of a Metroidvania game really, and it looks awesome!

You play as a cyborg lady, who can reconstruct the remains of buildings and scraps, turn it into weapons to right various enemies and solve puzzles. It’s currently on Steam Early Access under the name Giga Wrecker. If you look at the listing of the game you can see that it’s due for a full release in January 2016, with the build on Early Access giving about an hour and a half of gameplay for you to size up if you want to keep an eye on the game in the future. Given the fact it’s basically Katamari Damacy meets Castlevania, it seems pretty straight forward to check it out and support good ol’ Game Freak!

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