Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow Heading to Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have recently announced that the original Gameboy versions of Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow will be heading to the Virtual Console platform for the Nintendo 3DS next year.

Due for release on the 27th February 2016 each variation of the game will ‘once again’ be playable on your Nintendo handheld device and despite being the exact same game as you remember some newer features have been implemented. For starters players will be able to trade (transfer) with other players wirelessly using the local wi-fi connection between two Nintendo 3DS systems; a feature which, on the Gameboy version at least, needed a special link cable.

It’s unclear if the iconic missingno glitch will return but from a gaming standpoint everything we enjoyed about the original, such as the 8 Gym Leaders, the elite four and the 151 pokemon, will return in these digital versions of the gameboy classics. Pokemon fans within the UK, Europe and America will receive access to Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow while in Japan fans will receive access to Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green and Pokemon Yellow; the same release format as how the games were released in those countries.

You can play the original Pokemon Gameboy Cartridges on the Retron 5; a console which is available to order at www.funstockretro.co.uk and you can save 5% on your order by using the code ‘NEWS5’.