PowerBase Mini: A Closer Look at the SEGA Master System Converter

The PowerBase Mini, otherwise known as the SEGA Master System Converter, is a small cartridge device that allows SEGA Master System games to be played on SEGA Mega Drive consoles and it’s currently available to order exclusively at www.funstockretro.co.uk.

The cartridge, which has been created using original SEGA cartridges – so there may be signs of “wear” on the cartridge, simply docks into the SEGA Megadrive slot of your console (including the Retron 5) and then your chosen SEGA Master System Cartridge would connect (slot in) at the top of the cartridge. The end result is that your favourite SEGA Master System games can be played on your SEGA Megadrive, or Retron 5, console without modifying the system in any shape or form.

The process of connecting the converter and PowerBase Mini is similar to the process used for connecting Sonic 3 and Knuckles together; whereby two cartridges would connect together, and then be slot into the console, in order to play the game; except this time the game being played will be the SEGA Master System cartridge as opposed to a modified or updated sonic game.

The cartridge even includes a dedicated pause button so players can pause the game at any time without having to use any buttons on the controller.

You can find out more about the PowerBase Mini: SEGA Master System Converter in our unboxing of the product below:

The PowerBase Mini: SEGA Master System Converter is available to order at www.funstockretro.co.uk