Pre-Order Wildstar And Save 20% With The Code #PRESTUFF

There is just over a month to go before the official launch of the long-awaited MMORPG Wildstar. So, that still gives you plenty of time to get on board early and take advantage of some of the pre-order bonuses.

You can pre-order the Wildstar Standard Edition for £34.99 and the Wildstar Deluxe Edition for £44.99. But you can save 20% on these prices when you use the code #PRESTUFF

Pre-ordering the game comes with a selection of goodies, including:

  • 3 Day Head Start – play the game 3 days before the official launch
  • Access to WildStar Beta Weekends – sample the game in the weeks prior to launch
  • Exclusive Rocket House – is it a house? Is it a rocket? Well, it’s both!
  • Housing Trophy – an exclusive vanity item
  • In-game Storage Bag – for keeping hold of stuff in  your inventory
  • Pre-Order Title – To show the rest of the Wildstar universe that you were one of the first to get on board
  • Name and Guild registration

Both editions also come with:

  • 30 Days of Free Playtime
  • 3 Guest Passes with 7 Days of Playtime
  • Eldan Housing Décor Item

Deluxe edition purchasers will also get:

  • Eldan Hoverboard
  • Eldan Augmentation Costume
  • Eldan Title
  • Eldan Dye

Interestingly, Wildstar has also introduced a business model that means that players can continue to play the game without having to pay for a monthly subscription fee. Explaining it can get slightly complicated so you can get the full lowdown on the Wildstar site but basically, in-game gold game be used to buy C.R.E.D.D, which can ultimately then be exchanged to buy an extra 30 days of game time.

The main idea being that those with plenty of time (but not much money) can earn gold to buy C.R.E.D.D to play for free while those with plenty of money (but not much time) can buy C.R.E.D.D to exchange for in-game gold and buy all the stuff they like.  C.R.E.D.D. can be bought from other players in-game via the Commodities Exchange (CX) for earned in-game money. Alternately, you can purchase C.R.E.D.D. online at

Wildstar launches on June 3rd, 2014.