Project Dream Gameplay Footage Released by RARE

RARE have released gameplay footage of cancelled Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 game Project Dream as part of a new Youtube video series known as Rare Revealed. This ten minute video takes a closer look at Project Dream’s gameplay and explores what the developers thought about the game and it’s intentions.

Project Dream was previously in development for the SNES, utilizing graphics and gameplay designs similar to that of Donkey Kong Country, however during it’s development the game was upgraded to an Nintendo 64 release. Sadly however the game never saw the light of day and instead the team at RARE began focusing their attention on other games such as Banjo-Kazooie and Blast Corps.

Project Dream has always been one of RARE’s best kept secrets; but now – as part of this Rare Revealed series – we can take a look at a game that could have been; but never was.

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