Psychonauts 2 Developer Update Gives Us A Glimpse Of What To Expect In 2018.

Psychonauts was once in the ‘Half-Life 3’ area of game sequels, in which there was a clear doubt that we’d ever see a continuation of the game. However, we were given great news last year, in that we could expect the sequel to the cult classic sometime soon. 

Ever since then Double Fine, the creators of the game, have been giving small updates here and there related to the far off release.

The latest update showcases some rather nice artwork that depicts the Psychonauts headquarters in its current state.

Double Fine also announced that Psychonauts 2 is going to be published by Starbreeze Studios. The same developers behind the Payday series! No news on if this simply to cover publishing in the states or if it’s worldwide.

Things are looking promising for Psychonauts 2! Due to be released in 2018, make sure to keep an eye out for the incoming release!

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