Real Life Zelda Adventure – Defenders Of The Triforce

Do you know what Real Escape Games are? They are those pseudo real life action experiences, often found set in Zombie realms, where you and a few friends can have a close to reality adventure in a specific world. I’ve done it once in Sheffield. My friends and I had a few drinks, went to the event, and the local blokes were hidden around an old factory and their goal was to scare the pants off us. They did exactly that. I’m not saying I tackled one in a drunken frenzy either, but we didn’t exactly have another go at the experience.  I wonder how things would of been if Ganondorf himself was jumping from behind a wall. 

If they you do this during the event, consider us pleased.

Well wonder no longer! You and your friends can experience The Legend of Zelda in real life according to Nintendo! Not much is known about the project, but it just goes to show just what Nintendo are always up to. They seem to be embracing the idea of giving their properties to more people and seeing the results. They obviously hold all the control, but to see things like mobile games, merchandise, and more pop up that isn’t directly done by them? It’s quite cool!

You see a trailer for the Real Escape Game here.

Also keep in mind that sadly, it’s all based in the US for now. But I can’t see that staying that way for long once the idea takes off, we should have it on our end enough. Then a 42 year old Yorkshire man named Jim will be dressed up as Ganondorf as a job for the night. What a grand legend.

What do you lot think? Excited for this sort of thing?


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