Relive The Iconic Level 256 Glitch in Pac-Man 256

Anyone who has played Pac-Man will remember the glitch that occurred on the 256th level; whereby half of the screen would fill up with random bits of code and thus making it unplayable. Well today Bandai Namco Entertainment have released a brand new Pac-Man game which uses this idea and it’s called Pac-Man 256.

Developed by Hipster Whale and available to download as a free-to-play game for mobile devices Pac-Man 256 is an endless runner game which sees the player ‘run-away’ from the glitch while at the same time collecting pellets and avoiding ghosts. Traditional gameplay elements, such as navigating through mazes, collecting fruit and chomping ghosts all remain but the gameplay has been expanded with the introduction of new power-ups such as stealth, tornados, and laser beams.

Pac-Man 256 is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

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