Resident Evil 4 continues on as a dating sim?!

April 1st has come and gone. Yet for some reason… there is going to be a Resident Evil dating sim.

You read correctly. The world is going to be graced with a dating simulatior that puts you in the shoes of the ‘loveable’ Ashley Graham and you get to help her and her romantic feelings towards the best character in the entire Resident Evil universe, Leon Kennedy.

Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition was created by a group of fans to poke a bit of fun at how soulless some visual novels can be, by using Ashley and her own lack of a character to create a light-hearted adventure that people can have a good chuckle with.

The game only has a demo at the moment with a full release in the works. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the project considering the joke can be understood within the first couple of minutes, so understandably, most people may not stick around for a full release.

What do you think? Has 2017 been saved with the creation of Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition?