Retro Bit Generations UK / EU Model – Help Make It Happen!

Hot on the heels of the Nintendo NES Mini, SEGA Wireless and Atari Flashback the ‘Retro Bit Generations’ looks to bring classic Capcom Arcade games back to your living room! Packing an impressive 96 built-in games and SD card slot it has been a hit over in the US – however, there’s yet to be a UK/EU version announced. This is where we need your help!



Join the petition to bring the ‘Retro Bit Generations’ to the UK/EU! We meet regularly with all major license holders and manufacturers and your voice genuinely helps our mission to bring these fantastic products to our local markets.



So what is it? It’s a brand new two player plug & play console (yes, with HDMI and SD CARD slot!) packed with classic Capcom arcade / coin-op titles (CPS1 and CPS2) including some of my personal all time favourites including 1942, Captain Commando, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, Super R-Type and more (full list below)!

It has been affectionality created by the guys at ‘Retro Bit’ who created the Super Retro Trio and Retro Duo consoles and crams in close to a ton (that’s British for “100”) of games with both HDMI and A/V output.

The inlcusion of an SD card slot on the back adds the much requested functionality to add your own games – but no information has been released just yet on which formats are supported. However… if it is CPS 1 and CPS 2 roms, I would be the first to recommend Warriors of Fate!


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The full list of Retro Bit Generations games:

  1. 1942
  2. 1943
  3. 2048
  4. 10-Yard Fight
  5. Aguna
  6. Apocalypse II
  7. Argus
  8. Astrohawk
  9. Astyanax
  10. Avenging Spirit
  11. Banishing Racer
  12. Bases Loaded
  13. Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher
  14. Battle Squadron
  15. Battle Unit Zeoth
  16. Big Run
  17. Bionic Commando
  18. The Black Bass
  19. The Blue Marlin
  20. Brawl Brothers
  21. Broken Circle
  22. Captain Commando
  23. City Connection
  24. Commando
  25. Corn Buster
  26. Creepy Bird
  27. Escape from Atlantis
  28. Exed Exes
  29. Exerion
  30. Field Combat
  31. Forgotten Worlds
  32. Formation Z
  33. Fortified Zone
  34. Free Fall
  35. Ghosts ’N Goblins
  36. Gun.Smoke
  37. Hammerin’ Harry
  38. Hero Pinball Party
  39. Higemaru
  40. Holy Diver
  41. Hoops
  42. The Ignition Factor
  43. Ikari no Yousai 2 (Fortified Zone 2)
  44. Image Fight
  45. JaJaMaru no Daibouken
  46. Jim Power
  47. Kaitetsu Yanchamaru 3 (Kid Niki 3)
  48. Kickle Cubicle
  49. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
  50. Knights of the Round
  51. Kung-Fu
  52. Kung-Fu Master
  53. Lan Master
  54. Lawn Mower
  55. Legend E
  56. Major Title Golf
  57. Maru’s Mission
  58. Mazezam
  59. Mercs
  60. Mr. Bloopy
  61. Night Defender 2
  62. Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun
  63. Onslaught
  64. Operation Logic Bomb
  65. The Peace Keepers
  66. Pinball Quest
  67. Questforge
  68. R-Type 3
  69. Ring King
  70. Rival Turf
  71. Rockfall
  72. Rocky Rodent
  73. Rod Land (Game Boy)
  74. Rod Land (NES)
  75. Skip and Friends
  76. Smart Mouse
  77. Soldam
  78. SonSon
  79. Sumo Slam
  80. Super Bases Loaded
  81. Super Bases Loaded 3
  82. Super Earth Defense Force
  83. Super Ghouls ’N Ghosts
  84. Super Noah’s Ark
  85. Super Professional Baseball 2
  86. Super R-Type
  87. Sword of Sodan
  88. Thor’s Quest
  89. Totally Rad
  90. Tuff E Nuff
  91. Varth: Operation Thunderstorm
  92. Water Margin
  93. Yang Warrior Family
  94. Youkai Club
  95. Zippy Race
  96. Zooming Secretaries


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