Retro Games Party: An Interview with James Brindle

When it comes to acquiring arcade cabinets for your retro gaming event then the folks at Retro Games Party, founded by James Brindle, are usually the people to speak. Not only does the group have a wide-range of classic arcade cabinets, including fan-favourites such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Asteroids and newer titles such as Silent Scope and Crazy Taxi, but they are also capable of repairing machines that may have become broke over constant use.

Retro Games Party are also one of the bigger contributors to Play Expo; and the recent Play Blackpool event saw a third of the venue overtaken by iconic arcade machines; all of which proved popular among attendees of the event.

Since Retro Games Part is such a big part of the Retro Gaming Scene, and of Replay Events, we decided to catch up with the companies founding member, James Brindle, and ask him a few questions.

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