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playstation classic ps1 mini console

PlayStation Classic (a PS1 Mini Console) Announced by Sony!

A big announcement dropped overnight - something very few (if anyone!) saw coming. The PlayStation Classic (yes, a PS1 Mini!) console was announced by Sony

SNK NEOGEO Mini International Edition Packaging ‘Leaked’

An official announcement today "leaked" the packaging for the International version of the SNK NEOGEO Mini - quoting: "NEOGEO mini international version package, the...

SNK NEO·GEO Mini Arcade/Console (International Edition)

The NEO·GEO Mini is specially designed for the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand. It is designed on the original arcade cabinet and packed with 40 built-in original...

Atari ‘Retro’ Range Release Date Confirmed

Atari 2600 Returns as New Compact Handheld and Innovative Plug and Play TV Joystick with 50 Classic Atari® Games Built-In...

Puma and SEGA Team Up to Create Sonic the Hedgehog Trainers

There’s nothing new about sports brands collaborating with well-known faces to create unique trainers and shoes. But this new offering from Puma is sure to delight...

Did you know that there is a “Lemmings” statue in Dundee?

Lemmings, originally developed for the Amiga, was one of the UK’s first blockbuster titles, selling 55,000 copies on its first day, and eventually recording over 15...

SNK Announces NEO GEO Mini – With 40 Games Built In

Get the latest on the new NEO GEO Mini Announcement. Here's all we know about the specs, games and release date

What’s it like to be a Video Games Tester?

We lift the lid on living the dream of being a video game tester, and the harsh realities which transform it into a nightmare.

Happy Birthday to the Late Ralph Baer – The Godfather of the Video Games Industry

What was the first games console? Who invented video games? If you're looking for one place in time when it all started - look no further than Ralph Baer.

The New Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC is available to pre-order now!

The new Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC is a handheld console packed with features to play your original SNES games on-the-go. See release date, specs & more!

Mortal Kombat 2 has been re-imagined in 3D and it looks stunning!

Created as a homage to one of the best games in the series, Youtuber Bitplex extracted sprites and screenshots from Mortal Kombat 2 to bring it to life in 3D

The Hyperkin SupaRetroN HD Console Hits the UK & Europe

Hyperkin's latest retro console is aimed squarely at SNES lovers - and there's plenty to love in the SupaRetroN HD too! See release date and specs here!

“The PlayStation Anthology” Announced – The Ultimate Guide to the PS1!

Sony’s first foray into the home console market burst onto the scene in 1994 and in doing so redefined our understanding of what a games console could do!

New Xbox Duke Controller Officially Licensed by Microsoft by Hyperkin

Rumours, Release date, Specs and more!

The Colecovision Mini Arcade machines could finally be here!

Fans who were eagerly awaiting news about the Colecovision Mini Arcade Relaunch received a piece of welcome news in their mailbox.

Awesome Jumanji Fan Art inspired by Capcom Arcade Brawlers

Endorsed by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Himself! This is Pixel Art at it's best.

Retro Games Show Their Incredible Staying Power

Have you ever wondered how many of the wider gaming community are into retro games? Recent research by Currys PC World might just have the answer.

Brilliant New Goldeneye 007 Mod Replaces James Bond with Mario

What's the best thing you can do with Mario? Answer: turn him into James Bond.