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A Brief History of: The PlayStation 1 (PS1)

The ill-fated agreement between Sony & Nintendo that led to the creation of the incredible, era-defining PlayStation 1 (PS1)

The Top 10 Underrated PS1 Games

Among the greatest consoles of all time, the PlayStation One not only stands out for its awesome library of games but also the sheer size of said archive

FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer

We look at another great gaming rivalry! This week - Pro Evolution Soccer vs FIFA. When you only have one rival, the competition is even more intense...

Arcade Hall of Fame: The Tempest (Atari)

One of Atari’s most critically-acclaimed games of all time - Tempest continues to impress today with its beautiful vector graphics

The Top 10 Underrated GameCube Games

The 10 Underrated GameCube Games you need to check out! Including Metal Gear Solid, Ikagura and more

SNK Announces NEO GEO Mini – With 40 Games Built In

Get the latest on the new NEO GEO Mini Announcement. Here's all we know about the specs, games and release date

Love Fifa? Try: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out (NES)

Punch Out’s release in 1987 marked one of the first sports titles from Nintendo and the first to feature a marquee athlete in the title!

Why I Love: The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

No insult-sword fighting here folks, Guybrush has to get by with the spit in his mouth; It's Monkey Island 2 ladies and pirates!

A Brief History of: The Commodore 64 (C64)

The Commodore 64 was such a commercial success that it still holds the distinction today of being the single best-selling personal computer in history

The Top 10 Underrated Master System Games

Sega’s first major foray against the might of Nintendo - we take a look at some of the best Master System Games that you might have missed

Grand Theft Auto vs Saints Row

We look at two of the most explosive and controversial games ever to grace the home console! GTA and Saints Row ammo-up and get ready to offend!

Arcade Hall of Fame: Frogger (Konami)

Frogger hops into our Arcade Hall of Fame! We look back at how this simple yet addictive arcade game has stood the test of time

Love Fifa? Try: MLB Slugfest (PS2/Gamecube)

Major League Baseball meet GTA in a game that doesn't take itself too seriously... and with good reason! Introducing MLB Slugfest

Ratchet: Deadlocked (PS2) – CO-OP Classics

The first Ratchet & Clank game to feature co-op gameplay in story mode - Ratchet: Deadlocked's darker storyline and all-action gameplay doesn't disappoint

A Brief History of: The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

All you need to know about the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Including the release date, best games and why it's called the Famicom in Japan

Super Mario vs Sonic The Hedgehog

Mario vs Sonic is one of the greatest gaming rivalries of all time! A battle that has endured long after the Nintendo vs SEGA rivalry burnt out

Arcade Hall of Fame: Donkey Kong (Nintendo)

Many people associate Nintendo with its mascot character, Mario. But it was Donkey Kong who first put the Nintendo brand on the map!

Love Fifa? Try: Super Dodgeball (SNES)

Super Dodgeball for the SNES - this retro sports game has an intriguing Japanese heritage - but most importantly, it's bags of fun