Retro Resi – Resident Evil on the Game Boy Colour

 Resi GBc title screenResident evil is a well-known survival horror franchise. The Playstation 1 games being my personal favourties in the franchise. I have only recently found out however that a port of the first resident evil game for the playstation 1 was in the making for the Game Boy Colour.

Since the cancellation of the game, 2 cartridges containing the games rom dumps have been recovered, the older of the 2 being considerably more buggy than the other and having less features such as the ability to play as Jill. Today I will be looking at this fogotten, incomplete port of one of our favourite survival horror gameGameboy Colours of all time.




Resi GBC BoxThe Game Boy Colour port of the game started being developed in 1999 by HotGen Studios ltd. Following the success of the Playstation 1 edition of the game in 1996.

Despite the Game Boy Colours hardware limitations, HotGen had no intention of creating a completly different game as you might expect when games are ported to consoles with less hardware capabilities but instead set out on making a direct conversion of the Playstion 1 version of the game. Although the Game Boy edition of Resident Evil is incomplete, the game is almost identical to that of the Playstation 1 edition. No making it a 2D platformer, No making it a birds eye view RPG style game like the legend of Zelda games on the Game Boy Colour, this port is a 3D game, just like the Playstation 1 version.

Not only is it a 3 dimensional game, it also has the same story, game world, characters, title screen, inventory screen and annoying door opening scenes every time you open theResi GBC 3 door. Ignoring sound and graphical differences between the 2 versions of the game, the Game Boy Colour version of the game is an exact copy of the Playstation 1 edition of the game. It’s totally unexpected. The only thing it’s missing is it’s completion and the crummy voice acting of course.



Just for a minute think about other games ported to consoles of less capability. Dragon’s lair on the NES, have you seen it? well it’s terrible, to say the least anyhow and not only does it have bad gameplay but it bears no resemblance to the enjoyable interactive cartoon adventure that the arcades brought us. There’s nothing wrong with completely changing a games style like as seen in the NES version of Dragon’s Lair but at least make it enjoyable instead of making it insanely different and give it delayed controls.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Perhaps you’ve heard of it. A great 3D platformer if you ask me with usually only slight differences between console versions Not the case with the Game Boy Colour version of the game however. The Resi GBC 2Game Boy Colour version of the game was not a 3D platformer and instead a 2D platofrmer. There’s nothing wrong with that as it’s still enjoyable on the Game Boy Colour just not as fun as the more well known 3D platformer version of the game.

Needless to say these 2 games are massively different when ported to a less-able machine, which is what you can expect. This is why it comes as a surpise when you see a PlayStation CD-ROM made into an almost identical 4 megabit Game Boy Color game.


Take a look at silverwings21’s complete playthrough of Resident Evil for the Game Boy Colour:


So if you can find it why not give the Game Boy Colour Resident Evil a shot when you get a chance? Happy Gaming!

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