Retro Spotlight : Mario Kart Speed Strife and Legend of Zelda in Unreal Engine 4!

Welcome to Retro Spotlight! The series where we put some focus on some of the coolest things happening in the Retro Gaming community. This can be fan made games, artwork, fan films, and much more, it’ll be reported on here for the community to be made aware of! These aren’t based on time, as we may want to throw focus on a project that has been dormant to get interest worked back up. This week, we’re shining focus on the Nintendo side of things! A full fan-made Mario Kart title, and a look into how Legend of Zelda would look if made with Unreal Engine 4. Both of these projects are really cool, so let’s jump right in!

Mario Kart : Speed Strife

Mario Kart: Speed Strife is a fabulous fan made Mario Kart Game with tournaments, 16 tracks and 12 adorable low poly recreations of classic Mario Kart characters.

Mario Kart : Speed Strife is a fan made Mario Kart game with 16 tracks, tournaments, and 12 of the classic Mario Kart characters. If you’ve ever had a blast playing a Mario Kart game, which I’m sure we all have before. (Well, and the rage that comes with them.) Then this game is going to hit home for you, as it feels just like a classic Mario Kart title. (Almost anyway, the power slides are a little bit off. But you get used to it quite quickly.) The low polygon graphics are also more charming than you might just think,  looking as though it was a Mario Kart game on the Saturn!

Click here to download the game!

All in all, it’s a neat little game that deserves a look. Make sure to check it out quickly as well, since Nintendo has a history of going after any and all fan made games. So get it quick!

Legend of Zelda : Unreal 4 edition

Unreal Engine 4 Zelda is amazing, a fan project being made by cryZENx. What’s the project? Well, so far it’s a recreation of classic Zelda moments all with the impressive power of Unreal Engine 4.

Now, this isn’t a full game. But rather a very cool tech demo that you can experience. Don’t worry either, it’s not just some impressive visuals. But rather you have a few bits to play around with, such as a battle with Dark Link, or a nifty little pot smashing minigame. (The great fairy segment is honestly terrifying however. The terror is real.)

This project is fantastic look into what it would be like Nintendo gave the Zelda series an insane makeover. Maybe with enough support we could see it happen? Not likely right now, but let’s hope for the future!

Click here to download the demo!

Important Note: The download link only allows for a set amount of downloads per day, so if it’s inaccessible, try again the next day. The download also includes Donkey Kong 64 and Sonic Chao Garden Tech Demos to play around with.

And that is the Retro Spotlight for now! We should be back with further bits to check out in the future, as the community never stops creating! So we’ll be here for to let you know! Only at! The #1 for Retro Gaming in the UK and Europe!

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