Retro Video Game Collection Consisting of Over 3,000 Titles Spotted on eBay

If you ever wanted to kick-start your Retro Video Game Collection then today might be your lucky day, if you have nearly $150,000 spare; as eBay user mywholevideogamecollection is opting to sell his/her entire retro video game collection on eBay.

The collection, which consists of 3,133 games in total, features a complete set of Licensed, and Unlicensed, NES and N64 Games as well as an extensive selection of games from popular platforms, such as the SEGA Genesis and Super Famicom, to highly sought after platforms such as the Panasonic 3DO and Atari Jaguar.

A sample of the games included in this collection can be seen in the gallery below:

With over 3,000 titles up for grabs it is difficult to list each titile individually; so here is a run-down as listed in the original auction:

NES- COMPLETE LICENSED SET incl Stadium Events, 728 Games Total incl Unlicensed (Over 345 in Box, TONS of Quality and Heavy Hitters) + System CIB w/ 2 Controllers

SNES- 561 of 723 Games Total, 97 in Box + System CIB w/ 2 Controllers

N64- COMPLETE SET 303 Games Total incl 7 Variants (78 CIB) + Gray System CIB w/ 4 Controllers and every Funtastic Console w/ Red Expansion Pak, 15 of 24 Matching Controllers plus Lime & Atomic Purple

Gamecube- 116 Games Total, 111 CIB, 105 Black Label + System CIB w/ 4 Controllers

Wii- 20 CIB Games + System (White) w/ 2 Controllers

Virtual Boy- COMPLETE SET 14 of 14 Games CIB + System CIB

Sega Master System- 42 Games CIB  + System w/ 2 Controllers

Sega Genesis- 306 Games Total, 287 in Box + Model 1 System CIB & Model 2 System CIB w/ 2 Controller

Sega CD- 50 Games Total 46 CIC+ System CIB

Sega 32X- 30 Games of 37 CIB + System CIB

Sega Saturn- 112 Games CIC + System CIB w/ 2 Controllers

Sega Dreamcast- 78 Games Total 77 CIC + System  CIBw/ 4 Controllers

Turbo Grafx16-   84 of 94 Games + System CIB w/ 2 Controllers

Atari Jaguar- 9 Games Total 4 CIB + System w/ 2 Controllers

Panasonic 3DO- 11 Games Total 8 CIB + System w/ 2 Controllers

Xbox- 80 Games + System CIB w/ 2 Controllers

Xbox 360- 57 Games (NO system but comes with ALL system Boxes pictured)

Ps1- 171 Games Total, 169 CIC, 148 Black Label + PS1 CIB & PS One LCD Combo CIB w/ 2 Controllers

Ps2- 345 Games, 323 Black Label + PS2 Fat CIB & PS2 Slim CIB w/ 2 Controllers

Ps3- 16 Games + Ps3 160GB CIB w/ 2 Controllers

For those interested this entire collection will cost $149k, which equates to around £105k, but the seller is open to ‘realistic’ offers.

So with this impressive collection up for grabs we ask “if you had the money; would you buy it?” Let us know in the comments below!

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