Retroblox – New Emulation Console Revealed!

With the likes of the Retro Freak and Retron 5 on the market, one would think that the all-in-one market is secured and nigh untouchable now. Everyone has made their choice and is happy with it, right?

Regardless of the big players already on the field, there a new player looking to jump into the game.

It’s the called the Retroblox. But the real question is…

The Retroblox is a ‘Modular Emulation Console’.

The modular bit is the big selling point there in that title. You get a base unit with an optical drive that can play just about any disc-based game from Playstation to Sega CD, according to the people developing this little emulation box.

But once you get that base unit, you then get a series of additional build parts to place on the device. So if you want to fire up some NES games, then just attach the NES section onto the console! Play to your heart’s content and change whenever you’d like. It’s a dream for ease of access emulation!

From the looks of things – Retroblox with have it’s own custom UI to use. With things like Twitch Integration, Gameplay Capture, and Game Ratings. It’s the most ambitious Emulation Box released thus far, made with lots of passion and hard work in its graphic design, layout, and design.

The Retroblox will be launching on Crowdfunding platforms in April 2017. The prototype is going to get trialled this weekend at a convention in California, so we should see further news and coverage on the device around that time. So far the Retroblox boasts an impressive vision and seems to have all of the ability and talents of making it happen. It’s not a loose pitch with nothing to show; it’s a fully fleshed out concept that’s going to public first before asking for the help of the community out of the gate

A sudden surprise hit to the scene – The Retroblox is one to keep an eye on.

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That’s it everyone! We’re excited about this great system and will keep you updated on it every step of the way! What would you like to play on the Retroblox?

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